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Membership - Membership of RLJC is open to anyone who fulfils the Liberal Judaism criteria of Jewish status.  We have four membership categories:

• Single membership for anyone considered Jewish according to Liberal Judaism

• Family membership

• Associate membership for fully paid up members of other synagogues

• Friends membership for those connected to Judaism and who wish to join or support our community

Payment is due on a calendar year basis and is reduced pro-rata for anyone joining during the year. Payments can be spread across the year by standing order or paid in full as one lump sum.

All of our services are open to both members and non-members but membership provides additional benefits such as education, special events and High Holy Day service admissions. However membership is not just about the benefits to you. It is a commitment to the continuation of our community. Without our members we would be nothing.

Our policy is that no-one should be prevented from becoming a member due to inability to pay. Our treasurer is very willing to discuss reduced subscriptions for those with limited incomes.

If you would like to join, please get in touch via the Contact Us page.

 Jewish status and conversion to Judaism

”Judaism is not transmitted genetically but culturally and within families through example and influence. The process of transmission is one of education in the broadest sense, so that what is transmitted is not merely knowledge but beliefs and values, attitudes and ideals, and above all, a sense of identification and commitment.” – Liberal Judaism

Provided the individual has had a Jewish education and background this can come via the patrilineal or matrilineal line. 

The Liberal approach differs from that of the other UK progressive movement (Reform) who only recognise matrilineal inheritance of Jewish status.  However the two movements recognise each other’s acceptance of Jewish status once it has been agreed. In particular we recognise each other’s converts.